How to Change Tyres Alone

Changing tyres is one of the most routine and yet fundamental maintenance tasks that you will need to perform from time to time. However, this process can be a bit challenging if you are alone. You will need to be primarily concerned with safety. So, let’s take a look at a quick how-to guide that will help to make your next task a cinch.

Preliminary Steps

You will first need to be concerned with where you are planning to change the tyre. The ground must be as flat as possible. There should be no dirt or debris (of course, such conditions may not always be present if you are on the side of the motorway). Make certain that you have a jack that is rated for the weight of the vehicle and that it is in good working condition. Finally, the correct tyres which are designed for the car should be used; others can actually hinder your driving capabilities.

The Physical Process

Every online resource will first note that the jack should be placed near the tyre in question. The lifting strut needs to make contact with a firm portion of the vehicle that can support a massive amount of weight. Should this not occur, the car may fall down once it is lifted up.

After it is raised, the lug nuts need to be loosened one at a time. Once they are removed, place the new tyre on and tighten the nuts once again. If you are using a manual tyre iron, it is a good idea to step on the handle after you can no longer tighten the bolts using your upper body. This ensures that they will remain firmly in place. Repeat this process when necessary and NEVER place your arms or torso below the vehicle.

These are the most basic steps to change a car tyre. Above all, safety should always be your utmost concern.