Good Tools When Changing Lots of Tyres

If you own a professional tyre shop or are an automobile enthusiast with a few different vehicles, you are likely aware that changing tyres is a priority. Although there will always be a certain amount of physical labour involved, there are still a handful of tools that will make your life much easier.

Standard Jacks

This is one of the most common items found around the garage. These jacks can be placed underneath a portion of the vehicle to access the tyres and the undercarriage. As they are lightweight and (generally) very portable, they are the perfect option for smaller jobs. As should be expected, these jacks are available in a number of different weight ratings and sizes. Some are designed for compact cars while others will be able to support the weight of massive lorries.

Car Movers

There are times when a hand-operated jack will not provide enough lift or mobility. Furthermore, a normal jack will need to me moved from place to place as you change the tyres of different vehicles. Such levels of frustration can be mitigated with the use of hefty car movers. These flexible tools can support a great deal of weight and as they lift the entire car off of the ground, all four tyres can be changed quickly.

Air-Powered Ratchets

If you are quite busy, you will not have the time to loosen and tighten lug nuts by hand. In other words, a standard tyre iron will simply not do the trick. Air ratchets are a powerful alternative. Using one of these modern devices will allow even the most complicated of jobs to be completed within a fraction of the time that would normally be required.

Changing tyres is both an art form and a science. If you find that you are in the position where a great many need to be maintained or replaced, these three suggestions are excellent options to keep in mind.