Different types of car tyres

There is more to picking a tyre than just selecting one that is the right size. There are tyres designed for different weather, run flat tyres and eco tyres to name just a few.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres are the tyre of choice for most people in the UK. Throughout most of the country, the winter weather is not harsh enough to necessitate the hassle and expense of changing to a different tyre when winter comes along. The tread pattern and compound is designed in such a way that they offer good grip on both wet and dry road surfaces, however they can struggle when it gets icy.

closeup of car winter tireWinter tyres

The tread pattern and compound of winter tyres are designed to make the tyres stick to the road in snowy and icy conditions, where summer tyres would just see the car sliding around. Once the temperature gets below 7°C, winter tyres are also offer better braking in wet conditions.

Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres are becoming increasingly popular as they allow a car to continue, even after one tyre receives a puncture. Reinforced tyre sidewalls, rubber rim clips and a special rubber compound allow the tyre to support the cars weight, even with no air pressure in the tyre. It is necessary to travel at a reduced speed, but for many, this is still more convenient than having to stop half way through a journey and put on the spare.

Within these types of tyres there will be many subcategories, each with their own features. Eco tyres are designed to keep fuel consumption at a minimum and are a good choice for high mileage drivers. Low noise or high comfort tyres are popular amongst people who do a lot of motorway driving. Economy tyres may not have any special features, but come at a lower price point and are usually more than good enough for those who drive a low mileage, mostly around town.